The Red Room - Mythoard One Pager #30 Digital PDF

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What started as gentle and refreshing bursts of warm air amid the chill dampness of the cavern quickly becomes warmer, then hotter, and soon turns into a noxious smelt of acrid, oppressive heat. It is bearable but only just. The cavern walls, once moist, begin to steadily dry out as you descend deeper and deeper. The slant of the path also begins to get steeper with every step that you take. You begin to hear a “blurp, blurp” sound that happens erratically and your footing begins to get a little harder as the passage narrows even more but the pitch of the floor is increasingly difficult to navigate. You find it necessary to brace yourself on both walls as you descend.

This is a one page adventure exclusively printed by Mythoard and is part of the monthly subscription box. 

This is a PDF digital download only product