Aetarian Gold Solid Metal Polyhedral Dice

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In the beginning of the world, before the Schism, the governing body of the Aetar formed pure elemental substances from which to derive all other elements.  This Aetarian gold is one of the most sought after, and the purest substance in the known realms.  Rarely seen in commerce, the magical properties of this element are little known but can imbue extreme power into the high level incantations that are strong enough to endure the power released from such a pure element.

These polyhedral dice are formed from zinc allow with a highly polished gold finish and enamel numbers for the highest durability.  We recommend purchasing a companion dice rolling tray or dice tower to use these dice in order to protect your gaming table surface.

The dice box shown is sold separately but provides an excellent way to carry the dice and to protect them.